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Prices of all drugs incorporated in the First Schedule to DPCO, 2013 are monitored and controlled by the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA)

Always keep the following in mind:

  • Do not pay more than the MRP (Maximum Retail Price)*
    • For scheduled (NLEM) drugs/new drugs, the price notified by NPPA is ceiling/retail price per unit. Please multiply by the number of units contained in a pack (tablets/ml/dosage unit) with the per unit ceiling price in order to derive the ceiling price of the pack. The MRP of pack must not exceed the ceiling price of the pack plus local taxes. *

    • For non-scheduled (Para 19) drugs, the price notified by NPPA is the MRP per unit. Hence the MRP per pack cannot exceed the sum of the units in a pack multiplied by the MRP per unit.*
    • Ceiling price of scheduled drugs is revised on the 1st of April every year on the basis of wholesale price index (WPI) of the previous year. Manufacturers who wish to avail themselves of the revised ceiling price have to send prior intimation to the NPPA. In any case MRP at no point in time can exceed ceiling price plus local taxes. *
    • With respect to non-scheduled drugs year-on-year increase cannot exceed 10% of the then existing MRP.*
  • Check the expiry date of medicine carefully
  • Verify the MRP is not more than the ceiling price plus local taxes
  • Ceiling prices of controlled drugs are available in the NPPA's website. For any overcharging or refusal or shortage of drug, report to NPPA
  • Insist on cash memo from the chemist